Is A Step Further training for you?

What is A Step Further?
A Step Further is a workshop that takes what we know about attachment, brain development, trauma, loss, and healing and puts it into practice.

A Step Further is firmly rooted in research on the impact trauma and loss has on the brain and how changing the focus in everyday parenting can impact brain development. Parents help to heal the parts of the brain that have been poorly developed due to childhood trauma.

A Step Further Can Help…
• Strengthen and improve your relationship with your child.

• Address the trauma and loss your child experienced.

• Enhance parenting techniques so they are focused on parenting a child who has experienced trauma and loss.

• Explore your child’s history so you can better understand how it affects their view of the world and their behaviors.

Ways in Which Right Turn® Implements A Step Further
1. Parent Workshop: This is a one-day, six-hour training session.

2. In-Home Training and Intervention: The principles of A Step Further are offered to eligible families in a one-on-one format by permanency support specialists to help accommodate the family’s schedule.

3. In-Home Support Post-Workshop: Ongoing support after the workshop as the family begins to implement A Step Furhter’s training into their daily lives.

Check out our training calendar to see when the next Step Further and other training opportunities are.