• Are you tired of doing the same thing and hoping for different results?
  • Do you want to know how your child’s history affects their view of the world and their behaviors?
  • Did your child experience trauma and/or loss in their life?
  • Do you want to improve your relationship with your children?

A Step Further takes what we know about attachment, brain development, trauma and loss, and healing and puts it into practice. Parents become part of the healing process for their children and begin to understand their child’s behavior, mental health needs, and challenges differently.

A Step Further is firmly rooted in research on the impact trauma and loss has on the brain and how changing the focus in everyday parenting can impact brain development. Parents help to heal the parts of the brain which have been poorly developed or damaged because of childhood trauma.

Right Turn offers A Step Further in three formats:

Parent Workshop: The workshop is offered to parents and professionals and is held in a one-day session that is approximately 8 hours long. During the workshop participants are able to discuss their own families, children and/or clients to best apply the A Step Further model to their lives.  The workshop creates a safe learning environment where families interact directly with the trainers and other participants.

In-Home Support Post-Workshop:  For Right Turn eligible families, there is an additional option for on-going support after the workshop as the family begins to implement the teachings of A Step Further into their daily lives.

In-Home Training and Intervention:  To accommodate eligible families, A Step Further is also offered to eligible families in a 1:1 format tailored to the family’s schedule. This allows the pace of the program information to be more closely tailored to the family.

Check out the training calendar and register for upcoming training.