NCHS to take State’s Post-Adoption Contract

Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (LFS) and Nebraska Children’s Home Society (NCHS) have reached a mutual agreement to dissolve Right Turn, LLC at the end of our contract with the state of Nebraska on September 30, 2021. 

Many of you may recall that Right Turn was created in response to the original Safe Haven law of 2008. With no upper age limit in place, parents were able to drop children of any age off at safe sites to be cared for by the system without fear of prosecution. Of the children dropped off, 75% were in adoptive or guardianship homes. This created a crisis in the state and recognition that these families needed professional support.

After 11 years of partnership on the Right Turn program, both LFS and NCHS have concluded that an LLC is no longer necessary to deliver quality services and creates an unnecessary bureaucracy for both agencies. Removing unnecessary layers of governance serves to improve services to children and families. 

Nebraska Children’s Home Society will continue Right Turn’s services under its umbrella of post-adoption services with their new program called Families ForeverChristina Nemec, Pregnancy Parenting and Adoption Program Director for NCHS will support the Families Forever program. Her experience includes working in the field of adoption for 15 years with NCHS. She has been involved with Right Turn as an administrative supervisor for Permanency Support Specialists and have been a member of the Right Turn board for the last year and half. Christina is passionate about providing support and education to families formed through adoption and guardianship and is excited to continue services through Families Forever. NCHS looks forward to serving you, your family and your community. We welcome you to Families Forever.

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