Communication is the cornerstone of all successful relationships, including those with our children. Some believe communication is not just the words we use, but the combination of our body language, voice tone, and other non-verbal cues. How something is said has more of an impact than what was said. Research shows that open communication is essential for families with adoptive and guardianship children.

Over time families develop their own distinct culture, often including their own specific communication styles. For families formed through adoption, it may be difficult for the adopted child to sync with the family and their communication style. Integrating the adopted child’s communication style with the adoptive family’s communication style can be beneficial for all. Without successful integration, communication between parents and children may lead to frustration, anger, and confusion, which can eventually drive families apart and even destroy those relationships.

It is essential to be open with your adopted child and tell them their truths (i.e., adoption story, birth family history, sibling information, etc.).  This may be difficult at times, but it is in the child’s best interest to know and discuss their history in a positive way. Depending on the age they were adopted, we recommend telling them their truths in increments as soon as they can understand what you are discussing. Keep in mind, the younger they are, the fewer details you will need to share. By the time they reach their teen years they should know their entire history. Knowing their truths can help your child develop a positive identity and build trusting relationships. However, the way in which you choose to tell your child their truths is completely up to you.

In this section, you will find access to resources and articles to help improve your communication skills and communication with your adopted child.

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