Get Back to School Ready

Where did the summer go? It seems that just a short time ago we were writing about tips for a successful summer break. And we were all looking forward to the fun and chaos of a break from school. But now, here we are back into school planning mode. Finding resources, supplies and just basic preparation for transition can be stressful. We have put together a collection of resources and tips for making this transition as smooth as possible. From struggles getting out of bed to working through truancy issues, Right Turn® is always ready to help you and your family through any level of struggle.

Looking for help with school supplies? Check out couponing sites that give tips on where to find and use the best coupons. Krazy Coupon Lady or Very Well Family are good choices but there are many others out there so look around and find bargains on whatever you need. If looking to buy in bulk, consider going in with other parents. Ordering from bulk sites such as Oriental Trading Company can save you money per item but you may not need 40 binders or 122 notebooks. Talk to other parents and make a plan to save money together.  Look to see what your child’s school offers. Many schools offer the items your child needs at a discounted price as they ordered in bulk or may have received a discount from a manufacturer.

Need help with IEP or special education planning? Special organizations are available to help with IEP planning and other special education needs. You can find contacts to organizations such as Parent Training and Information and Department of Education HERE.

Is your child entering college? If so then you may be looking for ways to save a few dollars on textbooks. There are hundreds of sites available to help you find used textbooks. Book FinderChegg, and Half Priced Books are just a few. Also, be sure to check the message boards and newspaper classified associated with the school your child is attending.

At Right Turn® we are here to help and support families who have adopted a child or entered into a guardianship in Nebraska. The essence of our organization exists in our commitment to children and families. We strive to provide the support and connections necessary for adoptive and guardianship parents.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.