Please be sure to check this page to keep up with the latest happenings within our Parent2Parent network.

Please take a moment to read this quick article on Developmental Relationships from the Search Institute. It focuses on adult/child mentoring; however, it still very much applies to peer to peer mentoring, no matter the age. I think it serves as a good reminder of the relationships we want to strive for in Parent2Parent. Thank you all for expressing care, challenging growth, providing support, and expanding possibilities for these parents and families!

Please take 10 minutes to watch this video about the Butterfly Effect with Andy Andrews. Please feel free to share with others. What you do DOES make a difference!

Please take a look at Right Turn’s website if you have not done so recently. Our resources page provides families with additional resources we feel are very helpful and we are constantly updating the site to keep you up-to-date on everything we are doing.