There are two forms that need to be completed while actively working with a family. Keep these forms handy at home and in your car so that you can jot the notes down while they are fresh in your brain. These forms are important because they show all of the work that is being done to support the family! It is also necessary documentation for the family’s file per the contract Right Turn has with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

An Initial Assessment Form should be completed and returned to me after the first couple of contacts with a family (or no later than one month after the case was assigned to you). This is an important document because it will help you identify (and refer back to) the families strengths and needs. It will also help you follow a plan to support them the best that you can. This form does not have to be updated for my sake; however, I would recommend you keep a copy as it may be helpful to add to it as you go along. This form can be printed and returned or filled out online.

The Contact Documentation Form should be completed each time you have contact with a family (no matter the type of contact). You do not need to provide lengthy details, just summarize what was discussed, if there were any additional supports or resources recommended, your plan for follow up, etc. If there are several attempted contacts you do not need to fill out a form for each of these, they can all go on one form. These are due to me no later than the 5th of each month for the prior month (example: December contacts are due January 5th). This form can be printed and returned or filled out online.