Here you will find articles and resources on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, Attachment and Trauma, Mental Health and Other Diagnoses, Parenting Children with Special Needs, Talking to Your Child about Adoption, Brain Development, Education/IEP, and Transracial Parenting.

For even more resources, please take a look at the Right Turn’s Resource Library. There are many great articles, links, etc. here, and they are divided by topic, which makes it very easy to navigate. As Parent2Parent Advocates, I think it is especially important we are aware of these resources so we can share them with the families we serve.

Resources for Attachment, Trauma, and Other Adoption Related Issues

• Adoption Transference: The Perfection of Blaming
Attachment Parenting
Checklist Ways to Encourage Attachment
Inducement: The Language of Abandonment
Attachment Issues in the School Aged Child
Adoptees and the Seven Core Issues of Adoption
The “Eyes” Have It, Part I
The “Eyes” Have It, Part II

Court Involvement

Know Your Rights: A Guide for Youth in Nebraska’s Juvenile Court System

Brain Development

Brain Development

Developmental Disabilities

Overview of Eligibility and Services for Adults and Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Nebraska

Parenting Children with Special Needs

Adoption Tip Sheet: What Adoptive Parents Should Know
Advice for Adoptive Parents
ABCs of Living with a Child with Invisible Special Needs
ABCs Fun and Parenting at Risk Kids
Change the Labels
It’s Really All About Control
How to Mean Business without Being Mean
Unconditional Commitment: The Only Love that Matters to Teens
Ten Ways to Start a Conversation with your Child
When You Don’t Disrupt an Adoption

Service Area Specific Agency Resources

Omaha Agency Spreadsheet

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