Recommended Readings on Post-Adoption Related Issues

Below is a list of books we feel are a great source of additional information.

• Adopting the Older Child

• Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self

• Beneath the Mask: Understanding Adopted Teens

• Black Children-White Parents: A Study of Transracial Adoption

• The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog

• Damaged Angels

• The Explosive Child

• Finding Fish

• The Jonathan Letters: One Family’s Use of Support as They Took in, and Fell in Love with a Troubled Child

• Nurturing Adoptions

• The Open Adoption Book

• Parenting with Love and Logic

• Telling the Truth to Your Adopted or Foster Child: Making Sense of the Past

• Toddler Adoption, the Weavers Craft

• Twenty Things Adoptive Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew

• Twenty Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed

If you have any items you would like to see added to this list or questions about any of the books please contact us.