Resources for School & Special Education

Information on creating an Individual Education Program for your child that has a disability. Click here to learn more about the IEP and how it can benefit you and your child.

FixLexia is a clinic whose mission is to serve individuals with dyslexia and other reading-related difficulties through the use of clinical evaluation and reading interventionists. Click here to learn more.

Legal Aid of Nebraska provides dignity, hope, self-sufficiency and justice through quality civil legal aid. This link provides information on Legal Aid and Special Education. Click here to learn more.

Provides information about Nebraska’s education. Click here to learn more.

Nebraska PTA’s goal is to make every child’s potential a reality. Click here to learn more.

The Alternate Curriculum Program serves students with cognitive disabilities in grades K-12 who require instruction focused on functional academic, social and vocational training. Click here to learn more.

Learn more about Parental Rights in Special Education through the Nebraska Department of Education. Click here to learn more.

PTI Nebraska (Parent Training and Information) is a statewide resource for families of children with disabilities and special health care needs. Click here to learn more.

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact us at 888.667.2399.