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As parents and professionals, the notion that trauma impacts development is not unfamiliar, but the ripple effect such experiences can have on attachment, behaviors, and emotions throughout the lifespan is often overlooked and underestimated for families formed through adoption. The child’s behaviors and mental health needs can make everyday parenting extremely taxing and the ‘solutions’ to this even more so. Parents are essential to the healing process; the most influential strategies are often part of the day-to-day experiences that occur between family members but are difficult to identify without understanding the reasoning behind the intervention. 

This training provides a basic understanding of the impact of trauma has on development and attachment. It also identifies the parenting strategies that help build connections, empower the child, and promote healing for all members who have been impacted by adoption. 

For questions or more information, please contact Liza Aunkst at launkst@nchs.org.


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