Having children can be hard. They do not come with a handbook. Having an adopted child can add to the challenges of parenthood. Being in a same-sex relationship and adopting can add an additional layer of challenges to parenting. Families today are more diverse than ever and that rings true in the world of adoption as well. Adopted children may view themselves as different because their family dynamic is not the same as others. It is key to let your child know that yes, your situation may not look like someone else’s, but that is ok. Speak openly with them about these differences and answer any questions they may have.

While there is no road map on how to parent children or how to handle the questions they, their peers, and your peers will have, it is important to know that being their parent and providing a loving home for them is essential, especially to a child who may have had a life of trauma and loss.

Below is a list of information Right Turn® has compiled that can help you address some of the challenges that may arise as a same-sex adoptive family.

Articles on Same-Sex Parent Families

Resources for Same-Sex Parent Families

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