Sensory integration is the way in which we receive information through our senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. There are also two additional senses that most are unaware of; vestibular and proprioception. Vestibular sense provides a sense of balance and movement, and proprioception is our body’s awareness to sense.

Sensory integration is vital for a child’s development. As the child grows and develops they learn to register and process their sensory information at the same time, they can also focus on one particular sense while ignoring others. Sensory integration allows a child to organize their senses and regulate a controlled response such as their emotions. For some children though, sensory integration issues can affect multiple senses oftentimes creating over- or under-responses to things they perceive to be difficult. While this can be challenging for parents there are ways to work with your child to help them handle and cope with this.

Below is a list of resources we have compiled to provide additional information on sensory integration issues.

Articles on Sensory Integration Issues

Resources for Sensory Integration Issues

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