Unfortunately, for many adopted children, they have experienced trauma in their life such as sexual abuse. While no parent wants to think something like this could happen to an innocent child it is important to know that there is healing and children and teens that have experienced sexual abuse can recover and live a life full of loving and trusting relationships.

In a perfect world, adopting a child and showing them love should erase the pain and hurt they have experienced, unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. It is important as an adoptive parent to be patient, building that bond and relationship will take time and will require patience and consistency. There is no shame in asking for help, in fact, it is encouraged that you and your family seek help to learn how to navigate this sensitive topic.

Right Turn® is here for your family and can help to find a mental health provider that is specialized in sexual abuse and would be a good fit for your families needs. Below are a list of resources we feel will provide additional help.

Articles on Sexual Abuse & Behavior

Resources for Sexual Abuse & Behavior

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