At Right Turn® we know that as adoptive and guardianship families, not every day is a good day and some days come with more struggles than others. Many families have been there. Below are stories from families Right Turn has been able to help over the years.

If you ever feel overwhelmed or experience frustration Right Turn is here for you and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 888.667.2399.

“[Our worker] has been a huge help over the last few months! She’s been very helpful in suggestions for additional resources. She has been instrumental on improving communication between parents & child as well a(s) a general support for [our daughter]. Amy brings a fresh perspective to our household that helps refresh the parental perspective in dealing with kids from hard place. Our daughter loves [our worker], values her opinion and looks forward to her visits. [Our worker] is scheduled to attend [our daughter]’s IEP meeting at the end of August. I am very much looking forward to having one more advocate in the room with me on [our daughter]’s behalf. I believe [our worker]’s persepective will help revamp the IEP to make [our daughter] more successful in the classroom this year”


“I felt like we were drowning before Right Turn and I’m so relieved for help.”

“Wishing I would of called sooner. We could of used their help years ago.”

” [Staff] was great. Positive and very helpful.  Just having the support and knowing someone was on your side to help.”

“[Staff] are extremely knowledgeable and they make things happen. Right Turn is the only agency that didn’t just hand me a list of phone numbers to call.”



“Excellent help navigating the system, working, and state.”

“Can’t even begin to tell you how pleased and impressed we are.”

“Safe place to discuss real strategies; [Staff] is great”

“I was very pleased with the service. Great [people] to work with. A Step Further was amazing – should be required for adoption. Learning to respond to my child in a much different way/attitude has helped a lot. Understanding more of what trauma does to these children.”


“When our daughter unexpectedly ran away 5 months ago, we found ourselves immersed in [a] system of caseworkers, judges, legal aides, police detectives and many others that didn’t have time to listen to our story. We were told our daughter was just one of many adopted foster children that [run] away every day and to call back after she had been gone 90 days. That was not the answer we were looking for. Not sure where we would be now if not for [staff] at Right Turn. Their response was immediate and compassionate and caring. They were the first people we met that listened to our concerns and advised us in ways that helped us be successful with each step. They taught us much about the steps that would follow in the courtroom and about the role of Health and Human Services. They explained to us the type of behaviors we might see from our own daughter who seemed to have changed overnight. [Staff] attended a meeting with the caseworker when I reached a point of frustration, and they both gave me and my husband all of the right answers each step of the way. More than anything, they gave us some serenity and dignity through a process that would have been completely frustrating and counterproductive. Our daughter is getting back on the right path and we are grateful to the folks at Right Turn for the support and information that they provided.”



“I’m special because, it’s who I am. Because, i’m special is that i’m adopted. And because, i’m very smart and it doesn’t matter if you can’t do that and you can’t do this doesn’t matter everyone is special in there own way. I think i’m special because, i’m a African American. The second thing why I think i’m special because, I have a lot of friends. The third thing why I think i’m special because, I have 6 brothers and 1 sister. I’m special because i can sing and dance. Second, i’m special because, I have beautiful hair and i’m pretty. Third, i’m special because, my friends are the best. I like to play outside with my friends that’s why i’m special. I use my own personality not some one else’s. I am special and unique just like every one else.”

Child Age 9

“Wow! That’s all I can say about [staff] and the amazing work she does. She went above and beyond, advocating, contacting businesses, and utilizing every resource she knew of in order to help save a family. [Our mutual client] didn’t have central AC and had a doctor’s note that unless he got central AC in the home he could die. She contacted people all throughout Omaha in order to ensure that this need was taken care of. [Staff] didn’t stop until the family was fortunate enough to benefit from her determination, perseverance, and never-ending hope to do what is best for families. Thank you is not enough to describe the amount of gratitude we all feel. Thank you for all you do and thanks again for going above and beyond!”

“Training was great and I think all caseworkers need to attend this training.”


If you are in need of help and are feeling overwhelmed please contact us. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 888.667.2399.