Tips to Keep Summer Fun

Summer! Warm weather, longer days and a schedule free from school. For some families, however, summer can be an overwhelming time of the year. Routines are out of whack, keeping everyone entertained can be exhausting (sometimes expensive), and too much time together can strain relationships. Below is a collection of ideas for enjoying and getting the most from your summer break.

Get Rest
With the longer nights and warmer weather, it is easy to slip into a pattern of later bedtimes and sleeping in. However, keeping the same sleep schedule as you would throughout the school year can allow the family to have the energy they need to have all the fun available to them during the day and can make the transition for back-to-school easier.

Find Family Fun
There are a lot of activities and events available to families in the summer months. Often those events will be listed on your local visitor’s bureau or chamber of commerce website. We have also included a list of additional sites to check out for free or low-cost family fun:

Schedule Downtime
Everyone needs to recharge at some point. In an effort to try and keep everyone’s battery charged try to make time during the day where everyone takes a little break or alone time. Downtime looks different for each family. Screen time, quiet time in separate rooms or reading are all options for creating a calming environment. What is important is that everyone gets a chance to reset.

Avoid couch potato syndrome
Yes, we just suggested screen time as a quiet activity. However, while screentime in moderation is ok, it may be tempting for your child to binge watch their favorite television series or spend the day gaming with their friends online. Supervising screen time, particularly with older children, can be difficult. There are many ways families have found to help hold children accountable to screen time and to practice moderation. No matter how you handle screen time at your house, the key is consistency. If you are looking for ideas on limiting screen time or how to manage it, check out the list below.

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