Adopting a child is a beautiful thing, you have welcomed them into your life and have made them a part of your family. For some families, they have chosen to adopt a child of a different race or ethnicity. As the adopted parents you may not feel this is an issue, you love them unconditionally regardless of race. Unfortunately, race and culture is important and does matter. For some adopted children, they have experienced more in their short lives than most adults have in a lifetime and transracial adoption, while amazing, comes with its own set of unique challenges.

Your child may struggle to see how they fit in with their new family or school because they don’t look like everyone else. Ignoring these feelings can impact your child greatly. There are many highly successful transracial adoptions, but families who succeed will tell you that it took real effort to help their child know how to handle racism and develop a good self-concept, including a positive racial identity. Below is a list of resources Right Turn® feels can help families who may be struggling to address certain topics or situations they have experienced.

Articles on Transracial Adoption

Resources for Transracial Adoption

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